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Knife Care & Store Policy

Languedoc and Hall sell carbon steel knives hand forged in wood fires of Vietnam.  Each knife is hand crafted and as a result no two knife are identical and our customer can expect imperfections in size and finishings to the steel that make each knife unique.  Please take note that carbon steel is not stainless steel.  The chromium that make steel stainless has not been added to the knifes steel.  This allows the blacksmith to make the knifes blade stronger and harder through heat treatments and as a result our knives require close attention when storing to avoid rust.  After each use care must be taken to  dry your knife, and during anticipated long storage periods please apply vegetable oil to the blade to protect it from oxidizing.   


We encourage all larger quantity purchases to contact Katie Hall directly for special pricing a wholesale distribution.


- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments

-etransfer for wholesale distribution only.

Payment Methods
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